The Organization of Solid Waste Districts of Ohio

Welcome to the home page for the Organization of Solid Waste Districts of Ohio (OSWDO)! OSWDO, an affiliate of the County Commissioners Association of Ohio, is an organization designed to serve as a networking group for solid waste coordinators in Ohio, exchange best practices on solid waste management and recycling, and to serve as an information resource in Ohio on matters related to solid waste management and recycling.

Whether or not we like to think about it, solid waste or garbage, affects our life on a daily basis.  Whether you're a resident trying to figure out which day your garbage is collected, or a council person worried about rising disposal and recycling costs, waste management is an issue of growing concern for all of us.

Solid Waste Districts are the primary organizations in Ohio established to plan for waste management needs at the local level. As such, Districts are directly responsible for ensuring that Ohio meets and maintains State mandated recycling goals. OSWDO plays a crucial role in this process by allowing District coordinators a forum for exchanging ideas and serving as a platform from which to discuss and promote recycling and waste reduction at the State level.

We hope you find this site, and the information it provides, helpful.